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Cat Eye
  • Versace VE2054
    Price: $185.28
  • Versace VE4251
    Price: $182.99
  • Versace VE4267
    Price: $182.99
  • Versace VE2054
    Price: $185.28
  • Versace VE2140
    Price: $180.34
  • Versace VE2150Q
    Price: $236.92
  • Versace VE2155
    Price: $172.99
  • Versace VE2160
    Price: $226.60
  • Versace VE2161B
    Price: $298.99
  • Versace VE2165
    Price: $195.62
  • Versace VE2166
    Price: $190.99
  • Versace VE2182
    Price: $247.99
  • Versace VE2190
    Price: $226.99
  • Versace VE4189
    Price: $154.99
  • Versace VE4218B
    Price: $202.99
  • Versace VE4251
    Price: $182.99
  • Versace VE4260
    Price: $170.99
  • Versace VE4265
    Price: $242.28
  • Versace VE4267
    Price: $182.99
  • Versace VE4271B
    Price: $226.60
  • Versace VE4273
    Price: $180.34
  • Versace VE4278BA
    Price: $205.96
  • Versace VE4281
    Price: $185.28
  • Versace VE4283BA
    Price: $267.90
  • Versace VE4289
    Price: $298.86
  • Versace VE4292
    Price: $201.00
  • Versace VE4294
    Price: $200.99
  • Versace VE4295
    Price: $185.28
  • Versace VE4299
    Price: $172.99
  • Versace VE4304
    Price: $192.99
  • Versace VE4306Q
    Price: $226.99
  • Versace VE4308B
    Price: $256.99
  • Versace VE4313A
    Price: $205.96
Versace sunglasses are a truly remarkable fashion facet of the Versace line, which includes high-end luxe accessories like purses, dresses, shoes and suits worn by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. These couture frames are offered in a variety of eye-catching designs and color combinations that make their wearers a fashion force to be reckoned with, including boldly colored lenses and ear and temple pieces that are a work of art all by themselves. Made in conjunction with the same design house responsible for high-end sunglasses brands Oliver Peoples, Prada and Ray-Ban, Versace sunglasses are made with an eye for both quality and style.

Designs include styles for both men and women, with superior sun protection via lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to keep the wearer's eyes safe and free from sun related damage. Keeping your eyes shielded during sunny days is important to visual health, but there's no need to compromise looking amazing to do so. Versace sunglasses are a stylish addition to any outfit, providing a sleek, polished finishing touch that will elevate clothing into an overall look that will turn heads and inspire envy everywhere you go. Our store offers a variety of Versace sunglasses, including wide round models, slender small frames, and wraparounds that will feel comfortable while keeping you looking cool. No matter what the size and shape of your face, there's a pair of Versace sunglass frames that will ensure you're looking your best!

You never have to be concerned about replicas or knockoffs from our store. Each pair will come with the accouterments you'd receive when buying from a boutique - packaging, paperwork and accessories that mark the product as the real deal. The difference between our store and a luxury boutique is price - you will pay far less for the same products purchased through our site than you would at a high-end brick and mortar store, and receive the same pair of sunglasses you'd pay easily twice as much for. If you've been craving a great pair of Versace sunglasses to debut that sexy summer dress on the beach or tailored suit on the job, take advantage of our fantastic discounts and pick out a pair that catches your eye. You won't find our wide variety of Versace sunglasses styles at such low prices anywhere else!