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Cat Eye
  • Persol PO3019S
    Price: $202.66
  • Persol PO2747S
    Price: $219.46
  • Persol PO2989S
    Price: $182.99
  • Persol PO0649
    Price: $280.99
  • Persol PO2747S
    Price: $219.46
  • Persol PO2803S
    Price: $219.46
  • Persol PO2989S
    Price: $182.99
  • Persol PO3007S
    Price: $208.22
  • Persol PO3019S
    Price: $202.66
  • Persol PO3023S
    Price: $290.99
  • Persol PO3034S
    Price: $280.99
  • Persol PO3047S
    Price: $320.99
  • Persol PO3048S
    Price: $233.04
  • Persol PO3105S
    Price: $254.64
  • Persol PO3108S
    Price: $249.08
  • Persol PO3110S
    Price: $294.64
  • Persol PO3113S
    Price: $214.28
  • Persol PO3124S
    Price: $254.28
  • Persol PO3133S
    Price: $208.22
  • Persol PO3152S
    Price: $208.22
  • Persol PO9649S
    Price: $208.99
  • Persol PO2445S
    Price: $317.99
  • Persol PO2446S
    Price: $277.99
  • Persol PO3007C
    Price: $112.62
  • Persol PO3059S
    Price: $219.84
  • Persol PO3092SM
    Price: $208.99
  • Persol PO3135S
    Price: $236.64
  • Persol PO3148S
    Price: $208.22
  • Persol PO3151S
    Price: $231.46
  • Persol PO3154S
    Price: $196.99
  • Persol PO3156S
    Price: $279.46
  • Persol PO3158S
    Price: $219.84
  • Persol PO3159S
    Price: $231.46
PIn 1917, Giuseppe Ratti began creating glasses for sports and pilots in Turin, Italy. These styles were gradually adopted by the military in Italy and eventually the United States. The name of PERSOL sunglasses means “for the sun” because the products were and continue to be intended to protect the eyes from the sun.

For nearly a century, PERSOL sunglasses have evolved to be one of the leading brands in luxury designer eyewear. The commitment to design, innovation and fashion are evident in the company’s current line. Featuring a range of colors, shapes and designs, there is something to fit every mood in this luxury line of eyewear. Browse our selection from this enduring designer which we offer at discount prices.

The lenses of all PERSOL sunglasses are designed to offer 100% UVA and UVB sun protection to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Long term, regular sun exposure has been linked to problems such as damage to the cornea and the development of cataracts later in life. When you choose this designer eyewear, you are protecting your eyes in addition to being on the forefront of fashion.

Browse our selection of PERSOL sunglasses to find the perfect style to fit your personality. Our designer eyewear is guaranteed to be completely authentic, original styles. We only sell brand new designer sunglasses that are free of defects. We offer the lowest discount price of any online retailer selling authentic designer eyewear. We stand behind this claim with our price match guarantee.