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Cat Eye
  • Prada PR27NS
    Price: $260.99
  • Prada PR17OS
    Price: $245.12
  • Prada PR51OS
    Price: $282.99
  • Prada PR01OS
    Price: $232.99
  • Prada PR01OSA
    Price: $232.99
  • Prada PR01RS
    Price: $296.99
  • Prada PR01SS
    Price: $264.06
  • Prada PR01SSF
    Price: $269.99
  • Prada PR02QS
    Price: $270.99
  • Prada PR02SS
    Price: $239.46
  • Prada PR03RS
    Price: $270.99
  • Prada PR04SS
    Price: $288.70
  • Prada PR04TS
    Price: $294.36
  • Prada PR05SSF
    Price: $288.70
  • Prada PR05TS
    Price: $294.99
  • Prada PR06RSF
    Price: $270.99
  • Prada PR06SS
    Price: $288.70
  • Prada PR06TS
    Price: $294.99
  • Prada PR07PS
    Price: $261.92
  • Prada PR08OS
    Price: $264.06
  • Prada PR08SS
    Price: $264.06
  • Prada PR09QS
    Price: $346.99
  • Prada PR09SS
    Price: $245.12
  • Prada PR09SSF
    Price: $245.99
  • Prada PR09TS
    Price: $442.99
  • Prada PR10RS
    Price: $296.99
  • Prada PR10RSF
    Price: $296.99
  • Prada PR11RS
    Price: $296.99
  • Prada PR11SS
    Price: $264.06
  • Prada PR11SSF
    Price: $269.72
  • Prada PR12QS
    Price: $296.99
  • Prada PR12SS
    Price: $239.46
  • Prada PR12SSF
    Price: $245.99
Prada is a name that is inextricably intertwined with the realm of fashion - bags and shoes bearing the name have long been a staple in the closets of trendsetters everywhere, and rightfully so. The unique, elegant feel of the Prada line has been extended to that must-have accessory, sunglasses, with a wide variety of Prada Sunglasses now available to the discerning consumer.

Each pair of Prada sunglasses has the exceptional taste befitting the famous name, with sleek frames that accent and flatter the face beautifully. If sunglasses are a summer ritual, bright, bold frames in hues like daffodil yellow and eye-catching red will welcome the heat - as well as appreciative second glances. If subtle and small is the order of the day, narrow businesslike frames will shield even the busiest commuter from the sun as they travel to work. Prefer to see and be seen? Wide lenses on celebrity-worthy Prada sunglasses will keep them envious of your superior style with every step and earn more than a few compliments at the hottest clubs.

These well-made pairs are more than stylish - Prada sunglasses are smart, as well. The line features specially designed lenses that block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, so all you'll have to be concerned about is socializing. Slip on a pair for every leisurely stroll and you'll turn heads while keeping your vision shielded from even the brightest sunny days. Who said staying healthy had to look dull? When these lenses are set in tortoiseshell, aviator, or chic frames, the result is a finished product that's superior in both visual appeal and performance. Whether you're enjoying a day on the beach, driving around town, or simply out for a walk, these fashion-forward specs are up to the challenge.

Our Prada sunglasses are the real deal! These sunglasses are licensed and authentic Prada merchandise - the only difference is an affordable price tag. These items are not knockoffs, replicas, or copies - they are real Prada product at a fraction of the retail price. Don't pay more for high fashion - these lovely lenses will look just as attractive at a lower cost as they do when purchased for more. Browse our extensive selection of Prada sunglasses and find just the right pair for your needs - they're sure to quickly become your favorite fashion accessory.