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Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality prescription eyeglasses, especially made for each customer, at the most affordable prices, with prompt delivery and outstanding personal service.
To have process your prescription into your existing frame, Please click Add Lense to your FRAME. Once you complete this process you will be given instructions on where to send in your frame to have the prescription installed.

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Choose your optional upgrades and enter your prescription as it appears in your opticians note. You may also send us your prescription along with your order number to


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                     Prescription Glasses Online

          If you've noticed that you're having trouble visually focusing on objects, experience frequent headaches, and find yourself squinting a great deal to make out words or objects, chances are you need a pair of prescription glasses. While they are technically a medically corrective device, the world of fashion has embraced them as must-have accessories - some clothing designers even incorporate empty prescription glasses frames onto their models' faces to achieve a unique final effect. Frames are being designed by some of the hottest names in fashion today: Prada, Armani and Gucci all have their own lines of eyeglasses to answer demand from their fans for a head-to-toe labeled look that matches purses, shoes, and other items from their lines.

          Prescription glasses can be prescribed for people of almost any age, from very small children to older men and women experiencing age-related eye problems. Special tests are used to find the needed prescription glasses for each individual, using a back-and-forth comparison method until the right combination is discovered for optimal eye correction. The lenses are then crafted in a lab to adjust the wearer's vision to "normal" when the glasses are worn, eliminating the need to squint and needlessly strain the eyes. The optometrist or an assistant will also use another device to take measurements such as the height of the eyes from the bridge of the nose, distance between the eyes and so on, which will eventually dictate the size and angle of frames that will be needed. Some offices may also do this facial measurement test by hand, but if you are ordering prescription glasses online, exact measurements are ideal.

          Once you receive your prescription glasses, it's important to take good care of them - lens scratches and other mishandling will be continually in your field of vision, so avoiding them will save you annoyance down the line. Get a special microfiber cleaning cloth, eyeglass repair kit, and a hard-sided case to keep your specs in good working order - if you treat them well, your trusty prescription glasses will always be ready to help you navigate the world around you in beautiful clarity. Periodically taking off the nosepads to clean beneath them and tightening any loose earpiece screws will keep your frames well-situated on your face and at the intended angle to keep your vision corrected as well.

                     Prescription Sunglasses Online

          If you wear glasses, you know that replacing them or switching to a new prescription can be very costly if you go through your optometrist's office directly. Is there an alternative to paying inflated prices for something you need to buy? There is when you order prescription glasses online. Without the costs associated with running a doctor's office, our store can pass the savings on to our values customers, allowing them to buy prescription glasses online at a fraction of the price they'd pay at a retail store, doctor's office, or boutique. In addition, a physical location can only reasonably showcase so many frames - our online format allows our customers to browse literally hundreds of frames from all the hottest designers to find the perfect fit for their needs. If you need a pair of sun-blocking prescription glasses online, we're happy to help there as well: our wide array of sunglasses styles is second to none.

          Fashion frames are affordable and plentiful when you shop for prescription glasses online - for the same price you'd pay at your doctor's office, you can get two, three or more frames to have backup pairs for emergencies, or simply keep a few different styles on hand to match with outfits. Can't decide between two frames? With our low discounted prices, you can get a variety of prescription glasses online without having to pick and choose between two pairs that catch your eye - just get both! They'll be carefully packaged and shipped out to you, where you can tuck a pair away for safekeeping, in case one of the pairs of prescription glasses online from our store becomes misplaced.

          When you buy prescription glasses online, you won't have to drive back out to the doctor's office to pick up your glasses - they're delivered right to your door so you can start using them right away - no small benefit as gas prices continue to climb! In addition, our customer service staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have through email, live chat or our toll-free telephone number - a level of dedication that few, if any, brick and mortar retail outlets can aspire to. So take a moment to browse through our selection of prescription glasses online - with all the best designers at your disposal, detailed photos to look over, and literally hundreds of stylish choices, our site's selection holds the perfect pair you've been searching for!